30 before 30. 

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New Years Resolution Instagram PostUpon reading Cat Crawford’s post about here 30 before 30 challenge (link here https://t.co/vqP2CzFlCA ) I felt it about time I reveal my list upon the world.

Back end of 2015 I had that mini breakdown – facing the age of 25 I felt lost and missing. Closer to 30 than the teenage punk rocker I once was, I had what a lot of people have had in the form of a crisis of faith (just less religious) a moment where I was left asking myself. “Who am I?” “What am I doing with my life?” and “Is this it?”.

So I took to pen and paper and prepared a list of life changing and self-fulfilling projects and tasks to work on. Goals to achieve and complete while I was still young and before I hit the big 3-0.

Which in turn gave my friend Helen the inspiration to do one and now we have List catch ups to inspire and keep each other in check. 

So far I am two years into my quest and I have done 9 items leaving three years to do 21. Or 7 things a year. Which is easy right? Some of the items are saved for certain points of my life. But the rest I am gunning for sooner than later.

Anyway enough of the ramblings. Here is the list:

Vegas for my 30th – Goes without saying. This will be the final task on my list. I can’t wait.

Re-Visit New York – An amazing City that I instantly fell in love with, but last went in 2010 so its long over due. Maybe a weekend away with the GF.

Visit Normandy and go to Utah Beach – History and especially WW2 has always interested me and to visit the D-Day beaches would be overwhelming.

Write a Children’s book – Something I have thought about for a while and all being well this will be done this year.

Spend New Year’s Eve in a different country. – Again I’ve said it every year I’d love to experience NYE in a different country with a different culture.

Have breakfast in London. Lunch in Paris and Tea in Rome in one day. – I love a challenge. Planning needed but would be amazing to tick off.

See the northern lights – Like the generic must do for a list like this. My friend has managed to catch them. It’s my turn next.

Visit the Day of the Dead celebrations – Very bold but the idea of this has always peaked my interest. The culture and experience look amazing.

Take up Golf – Getting there, just need to find time to keep it up. I’m not very good but enjoy it nonetheless.

Sex in a tent – Got to throw something cheeky and youthful on this list.

Get on the property ladder – Serious adult stuff, it’s on its way but not just yet sadly.

New Job – I’d love to be able to say this is my new job. Blogging and being a social influences.

Learn to dance – Don’t get me wrong I have some moves but maybe a few classes to look a bit more sophisticated is needed.

Cycle London to Brighton for Stroke Association – A few years back I raised money via giving up drinking. It was an amazing feeling to give so much back to a cause that means so much to me. Now for the next step.

Write a film script – since leaving Uni my love for film hasn’t left me but my practical side of the passion has slipped. So its time to get back into it.

Get out of Debt – My god the cost of living is killing me but I will get there and enter my 30’s debt free.

Skydiving – A moment to pretend to be James Bond. Who wouldn’t want to do that.

Learn an instrument – Uke – I think its such a cool, cute instrument and I’d love to be able to pick it up and pluck away.

Get a half sleeve tattoo – I would say I am almost there. Just a patch in the middle to go.

Cage Diving with a Shark – Again while I am young let’s be dangerous and fearless.

Be a DJ for a day / show – How cool would it be to be the Breakfast DJ. More Christian O’Connell that Alan Partridge but I’d settle for either.

Throw a big Christmas Day dinner – Tick. Done. ✔

Teeth whitened – Tick. Done. ✔

Give a large tip after a meal – Tick. Done. ✔

New Car – Tick. Done. ✔

Weekend in Amsterdam – Tick. Done. ✔

Go Shooting – Tick. Done. ✔

Have a tailor-made suit – Tick. Done. ✔

Join the gym – Tick. Done. ✔

Read the Great Gatsby – Tick. Done. ✔

I hope you enjoyed my list, wish me luck as it’s going to be a busy couple of years.


4 thoughts on “30 before 30. 

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  3. What a fun list. I am way over 30 but still have a few years before I hit 50. Now I feel like starting a 50 before 50 list. It would be fun. I hope you accomplish all the things on your list. Good luck. Raheela

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