2018. The Fresh Start . . . Mk2

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Onion for Fajitas (1)


Dear Loyal Followers, Fans and New Visitors.

I am writing to inform you of changes to my up and coming blog “Man Vs Adulthood”.

Firstly let me begin by saying thank you for all your continued support, feedback and love that I have experienced over the past few months. Especially with the Twitter challenge to hit 600 followers before the end of 2017 – which we smashed and hit, even when things were looking bleak and unreachable.
Secondly the reason for the change. Simply it comes down to two reasons. The first being “Comments” on the blog generated by Wix. There wasn’t an option for a comment section without including a link to Facebook. Which neither I nor my followers wanted, which makes perfect sense to me. I was left having a lot of feedback saying “I wanted to comment but couldn’t” and to me, that is what this is about. Being in touch with the blogging community and listening to their comments.

The other reason was usability and ease of navigation through my blog on both the user front and behind the scenes. When trying to edit and update my posts and pages I felt the process became a waiting game as the system lagged its way up to date.

With these in mind, a lot of review readings and supportive feedback from the blogging community the choice to move over to WordPress was made. This leads me to where I am today.

Let me take this moment to thank Wix for there site, what they have got is amazing but I don’t think my skill level and their’s match. There are no hard feelings and I still rate them overall.

Here we are, this is the first post using my new format and rebranding of Man Vs Adulthood. I will be leaving the Wix site live – so previous content will be available, I won’t be transferring it all over. But over time I might bring some of my favourite posts over to this new land.

I’d love to hear feedback, thoughts and comments on this brave new move. I hope I can count on your continued support through this transitional time
Yours Faithfully with love.

Lord (Maybe one day, if I buy the title) Rossington of Northampton.


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