Why I Love Netflix (and You Should Too!)

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Netflix as we know it now has become a worldwide phenomenon, serving as the first port of call for online streaming for Television Shows and Films, while utilizing a multi platform user base and even becoming an internet slang term . . . you know the one – Netflix & Chill 😉


It’s almost became a god of the modern age, where devices are sold highlighting the fact they include and already have Netflix installed on them. In a world where top priorities are internet speed and a demand for everything NOW, Netflix has the market covered and with the profit they make they’ve started to pump X amount back into their own services, giving them a chance to create some outstanding award-winning shows.

This is where my post turns into a review.

The back catalogue Netflix has in its arsenal of self-produced films and shows to entice you in is ridiculous, the talent and value these productions hold in my eyes are outstanding and even rival the likes of Channel 4 and BBC (I love a good BBC drama). I personally think if things carry on the way they are going Netflix will end up replacing the TV License and will become the national institute that the BBC currently is.

Imagine in 5 years time streaming the Queen’s Christmas Day speech on Netflix – that would be a game changer.

The shows and films I recommend as a must see – like these are a reason to get a subscription are as followed:

win_it_allWin It All (Film) – I jumped into this one because of Jake Johnson (Nick Miller from New Girl) – he is a relatable funny guy and so I thought why not. The film is a simple five cast story that doesn’t rely on thrills and big budgets, which adds to the magical and feel of the film. It follows Eddie (Jake Johnson) who is a down on his luck chronic gambler and bigger loser, whose friend asks him to hold a bag of money while he goes to prison – keep the bag safe for 6 months and in return Eddie will be given $10,000. Simple. . . or not, Eddie starts taking money from the bag and gambling with it. Then . . . well the rest you will have to watch yourself. But I really enjoyed this film and it ends differently to expected.

What Happened to Monday (Film) – In a Dystopian future where the child rate is limited to one per family to save costs and resources a woman dies giving birth to seven identical daughters, her father takes them all in, hides them and raises them as to be savvy and understanding of this new world. The girls all grow up assuming the identity of one woman in order to not get caught out in the real world. It’s an interesting look on an estranged future that could be a little to close to reality one day.

The Fundamentals of Caring (Film) – This feel good heartwarming drama follows a teenager who is wheelchair bound and suffering from Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy and his carer a writer on a break, trying something new. They go on a road trip, everyone finds something within themselves and everyone comes back a different person. It’s the standard formula of these kind of films but there is something different about it – the humour and way they deal with the themes is orchestrated beautifully and leaves you feeling warm and fuzzy.

House of Cards (TV) – I best keep this one short and avoid mentioning the lead (K.S) in fear of causing a scene. The show itself is AMAZING, such an edge of the seat drama revolving around the american political system. It took some time to get into and understand the terminology and system but once you get that (which I still don’t if I am honest) you can enjoy the rest of the show, the drama and plots. The cast is filled with talented actors and it really becomes an eye opener on Americans and their political status. Throughout the seasons we follow a family as they move closer to the goal of President and Dominance, with no remorse or thought for the people they hurt along the way.

The Crown (TV) – Now for the opposite of HoC’s – The Crown follows Queen Elizabeth 2 as she becomes ruler of one of the most influential and strongest empires in the world (bring it back I say), it’s an eye into Buckingham Palace and the Windsor family as they live their lives in the public view above the working class citizen. This show is well cast, well produced and educational – to learn about laws and rules that the monarch had or has to follow even in this day and age is wild. We know what is going to happen but just witnessing the behind the scenes of such events is exciting and maddening.


Stranger Things (TV) – This one is a MUST! If you are one of the very few people who hasn’t seen or god forbid even heard of Stranger Thing’s then where have you been living? This 80’s throwback follows a group of kids looking for their friend who has gone missing. I’m going to leave the blurb bit there because it might get messy and spoiler fuelled if I carry on. Let’s just say that hands down these are the best child actors in the biz right now (with the exception of Jacob Tremblay, the boy from Room) these kids are relatable, funny and just amazing. The show takes a dark supernatural turn as it steps over references and homages of 80’s nostalgia and culture. Without a doubt the best of this genre out there at the moment – now for the dreaded wait for season 3.

I know this post has been a lengthy long essay but with so much content to offer Netflix is on point and only has one direction in its sights – Up!

Let me know your favourite Netflix produced shows and films, or what you think to the above and if you use this as the reason to get a Netflix account let me know about that experience and how you find these amazing recommendations.

So next time you get asked to Netflix and Chill try to think of me . . . or not – whatever you are into.





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