7 thoughts on “Taking the Leap . . . Going Self Hosted.

  1. My heart was beating fast thinking of the idea of going self hosted. Random 😂 That’s the logical step for any blogger who wants to grow and be professional of course. Very generous of you to do a giveaway for your followers! At the same time, be careful for people who leave comments just for giveaways. It is important to have a community who has your back and is supportive of you regardless if you give prizes or not. Good luck, Ross! Don’t forget the #blogvengers when you become famous 😣😛

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    • Thank you for your kind words. Mmm I know. Ive seen them about. But I like to think ive got a great supportive community. Forget them? I’m taking them all and more with me 😉😀


  2. I’m in month 1 of my blog and I know I will have to go self hosted so considering going ahead and doing it now. I’m very all-or-nothing.

    Advice on how, where, designers, logos. All would be appreciated! Can I do it on blogger? Or must I press the word?

    Utter minefield.

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    • Hey Holly – I recommend it, even just to have a real full site address that is yours.
      I use wordpress and went through them to go selfhosted. Which was simple and easy.

      In regards to logos I use Canva to build and make my own and then upload them.

      Hope that helps – anything else feel free to ask 🙂 good luck, can’t wait to see it


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