My Throwback Playlist

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Over the weekend my GF and I got into a really strange but cool conversation about music – more importantly about late 90’s early 00’s punk rock.

The music I grew up on.

The reason this conversation was really fun for me was because her music taste is a bit left field for my general liking: preferring the likes of Little Mix and Rihanna. But it turns out through a few friends she had a patch of real music in her life.

Let me also say the views in this post are my own – using the term “Real Music” refers to something with instruments. I am not a fan of Auto tuned hip hop style stuff. Just how it is. The point of the post isn’t to slate different genres as I am fully aware everyone has their own taste and would not want to take that away from anyone.

The point of this post is to compile a playlist of songs that I grew with jamming too and lost gems that I haven’t heard in ages.

Get your best Air Guitar out the cupboard and get ready to ROCK!

My throwback feel good playlist is as followed. . .

  1. The Anthem – Good Charlotte: The GF loves this tune and will randomly start singing “Cause I don’t ever wanna, I don’t ever wanna”
  2. Dance Dance – Fall Out Boy: This song makes the cut because it’s the easiest title. Their whole “From Under the Cork Tree” album is awesome but all their songs have silly long names.
  3. Fat Lip – SUM41: What a great get psyched start to a song, that riff and then that fast paced burst of lyrics about Storming through a party.
  4. Misery Business – Paramore: This was a tune and half. I remember it taking my final year of school by storm and turns out one of the GF’s favourites too. Plus how hot is Hayley Williams 😘
  5. The Middle – Jimmy Eat World: Could be more something to do with the music video, but still a sweet song to jam too.
  6. Pretty Fly for a White Guy – The Offspring: Again they had a few I thought about throwing on here but there is something about this one that reminds me of an old friend who was pretty fly but never as cool as he thought.
  7. Famous Last Words – My Chemical Romance: I love this song because of how dramatic is it and turns out she loves it because she found out I can drum it. I like the little trivia about the Craig Simons the Drummer suffering from a slight burn and discomfort during the music video as a result of the massive fire behind him. Check out the end of the video HERE
  8. No One Knows – Queens of the Stone Age: Throw a great drum beat, a wild bunch of lyrics and a strange music video together and what do you get – this absolute beaut.
  9. Bring me to Life – Evanescence: A slight dip into the dark gothic area as we all did back in the day. It’s not a heavy song, but it is a great mix of soft also orchestra like music mixed with the upbeat rock of the band. What a tune.
  10. Holiday – Green Day: My biggest love, I couldn’t write a list like this and not include them. Their energy and talent is infectious and their music amazing! The GF got me tickets to see them at Barclaycard British Summer Time last summer which was awesome & she loved it as well.

I hope you enjoy this list, it’s been a real throwback listening to these and others again – strange how I can still remember the tunes and lyrics to them. If you have never heard of some of these tracks before go and check them out. Or strangly just out on the American Pie 2 soundtrack. That covers most bases.

These songs were my teenage youth – long summers with nothing to do, hanging out at skate parks, throwing house parties and rocking out in band practise.

Good times!




8 thoughts on “My Throwback Playlist

  1. Ooooh the memories! Pretty fly for a white guy 😂 I use to jam out to that! And Fall Out Boy use to be my favorite! Ok now I’m going to have to go listen to some of these! Great post.

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