10 thoughts on “Video Games vs Mass Shootings.

  1. YES! Thank you! I absolutely loved this post. It’s really scary that you heard how easy the process of getting a gun is. I grew up in a house that had guns. I play a lot of “violent” shooter games like GTA, Call of Duty, Battlefield, and to top it all off, I have suffered with mental health “issues” for a long time. Not ONCE have I woken up one day and thought “Hmm. Time to go test out my gaming skills in the real world because I have my own issues!” It’s ridiculous to blame other things like mental health and the gaming industry on some idiot that EASILY got their hands on a weapon. It’s really sad that the right to own a gun outweighs the right to live – for CHILDREN to be safe. It’s just absolutely sickening and I’m scared.

    Thank you for posting this! I wholeheartedly agree with everything you said.

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  2. Absolutely! I read that you needed some love on your blog and definitely wanted to give you some support! Plus, love your blog content so there’s that. You’re so welcome. I really hope it gets fixed soon because I’m terrified of leaving my apartment and my daughter’s future.


    • You are too kind, I am going to hit yours up shortly and repay the favour. Love all round.
      I can’t imagine that fear at the moment (no kids and being from England) but I sympathise so much and you have my thoughts and prayers! I got your back 🙂

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  3. This pisses me off so much! Me and brother spent our childhood playing violent/battle/war games (GTA od course, CoD, Red Alert, Tekken, Counter strike, etc) and we also grew up on movies with J.C.Van Damme, A.Schwarzenegger and that group which are basically all about beating somebody up. We never ever had any ideas of how to use that in real life. We never got into any fights. Even when we were kids, there was no need to tell us that it’s wrong. We knew it.
    Also, in our country you can get a gun if you’re a police/military personnel or if the court says so (let’s say for some particular case). And even then you get a checkup before getting it (yes, even if you’re in the military and have a knowledge of guns and you already have their guns in bases) and you also get once or twice a year checkups where they speak to family, neighbors and some friends. Of course a person can snap in between checkups but it’s a lot less likely than if we handed out guns to absolutely everybody like they’re buying bread in the store.
    Not to get too much into this, games and TV aren’t the ones to blame.

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  4. I used to be a big video gamer and I never understood how people think the idea of playing video games can make someone cause real life damage and danger to the world. It isn’t video games, it comes down to the person’s own mental health. Many things make a person violent. Their upbringing (growing up around physical and emotional abuse) that’s bound to eat away at someone and make them violent. That isn’t always the case because some people want to work past that and not be that way. To make a blanket statement saying violence is from video games or toy guns is just ridiculous. I’m not an American so I might be seen as ignorant, but that’s how I feel. I remember chatting to a man who is a parent and he said to me how much he liked that South Africa has a playground at the park for kids how it used to be back in the day. He said they took that away in America because Americans sue over everything when it is meant to be childhood fun.


  5. YES! Thank you. This always pisses me off so so much. If anything, I think games help people deal with anger issues instead of causing them. Anyway, amazing and sadly necessary post…

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