Beginners Guide to NFL.

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Well not exactly a guide to understanding the sport . . . I mean I’m not even sure  I can understand it all yet, let alone explain it. But this is more about my new-found fondness.

So Sports Fans we had the Super Bowl which was awesome!

I’ve always wanted to get into the game, but obviously being an American game and living in England it never felt like it was meant to be. It’s not easy to watch it over here and the support is low (which I was wrong about).

So after the Super Bowl, which I sat down and watched thanks to BBC iPlayer, I felt like I was ready to learn and understand the game. I picked up the majority of the rules pretty quickly and thought – Ok I am going to actively work on this, support the sport and follow the game.

Again being a Brit I have no clue who is good or bad. I know that the New England Patriots are one of the best, with Tom Brady’s arm and there Super Bowl wins. But I didn’t want to do that, you know that fair weather Manchester United supporting fan thing. I am just picking a side and rooting for them.

So as I have family in Houston I thought, this is an easy pick – Go Texans!


When I was out there, we went tailgating – which if you don’t know turns a football game (which is already long enough) into a day session. Everyone turns up at the stadium with their pickup trucks and RV’s – they set up a tent, a BBQ and they just DRINK. I mean like they go to town on the beers and BBQ – my god it was amazing. I was so drunk that day it was unreal. It’s crazy how culture in the States is so different, over here you get a crappy pie and a warm beer before the game, over there you got a whole pre party that is good enough to be THE party.



I then went and bought Madden 18 to help learn the rest of the plays, rules and dynamics of the game. Which so far has offered so much more than just that, the game is so in-depth in regards to what you can do, the drafts, the contracts, the coaching. It’s a whole different level of gameplay than what you would expect with something like FIFA – which is top of the football gaming world, Madden steps over that and gives so much more for NFL. I’ve been able to learn about techniques, plays and even the dynamics of drafting new players from High School – I can’t say I am 100% up on the know how just yet but it is coming along nicely and it’s so much fun.

I’ve also got a couple of friends that are fans of the sport which is helpful in my rookie state. One being a guy I work with – who is probably reading this right now and realising we are talking about him. Hey Steve! It’s useful to talk to these guys to help gain an understanding of bits of the game I might not get. I worry that I have become that person – now that I’ve found something new to take an interest in, everything can revolve around NFL. Like I want to get a Jersey but I also don’t want to be that guy. You know the one that after two months of having a new hobby has the team strip, some merchandise and a signed picture. It’s over kill. But you know what I mean.

I would love a Jersey but they are like £100 and well that is a lot of money right now. So hey if anyone out there wants to send me one in return for some favours, posts or reviews – sign me up. (Houston Texans Home Jersey – 2XL, 10 Hopkins, 4 Watson or 99 Watt)

Just an idea – worth a shot.

So here is to the continued learning of the game, the understanding of the nitty bits and the start of next season. Yes it’s about 6 months away but I can’t wait. Going to have to work out how to watch in the UK but it’s going to be fun. Any of my readers or followers an NFL fan? If so who do you support? Maybe you can help me get out of the rookie league and into the Pro status.



8 thoughts on “Beginners Guide to NFL.

  1. Totally worth the wait! Great post. I’m a huge (American) football fan, but it’s much easier for me given that I live in America.
    I’m impressed by people, like yourself, that get into the sport having not grown up with it. It can seem unnecessarily complicated and is such a different style to most other sports. But Madden is a great teacher. FYI – players get drafted out of college (your University) and not high school.
    The Jersey’s are insanely expensive, which is a shame. I found a Chinese knock off site for my club and bought jerseys for my boys this Christmas for around $30. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to find a Houston Texans equivalent site 😦
    Maybe one day you’ll get into Fantasy Football. That’s usually a lot of fun.

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    • That anticipation was worth it.

      See learning already. College football is almost – if not as big as NFL isn’t it.

      Where do you live? Who do you support?

      That’s a shame. I keep looking at the knock off sites but again as a Brit I don’t how legit looking they would be. If you see any pop up though let me know.

      Appreciate the comment and support dude. Here is to the learning the rest.


      • I cheer for the Vikings, so the playoffs were a bit of a roller coaster this year. I’d encourage you to switch allegiance, but you get enough heart break watching the English National Team.

        College football in the Southern United States is huge. I live up north and therefore don’t follow college football nearly as closely.

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      • Go Vikings! Always reminds me of Marshall from How I Met Your Mother.
        Ha don’t please. My football (soccer) team is mid table joint points with our rivials. With no hope of promotion.

        Ah fair fair. Makes sense.


    • When I went alot of the people and friends of my cousins went to the game. We took the train home. Watched the game on TV. Carried on drinking and then took an uber to the baseball.


  2. Here is my 2 cents on what team to love…😁Tennessee Titans for their quarterback Marcus Mariota. He played for the Uni of Oregon, my home town, Eugene Oregon. He won the heisman trophy in I think 2015(this trophy is given out to the best college football player each year).. he is from Hawaii and just has amazing character and dedication to giving back to society…plus he’s an amazing athlete! Love this post, and I’m glad I found your blog.. such fun posts👍🏻

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