Blogmas Day 3 – Festive Films

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One of my favourite parts about Christmas – The Festive Films.

Films filled with festive joy, magic and fun, what more can you really ask for from the season. Plus the majority of Christmas flicks are once a year viewing. Which makes them even better – let’s be honest when was the last time you watched “Miracle of 34th Street” – oh wait. 12 months ago. Well it’s about time you saw it again.

So here is my Top 5 Christmas films (in no order) as a guide of things to watch over this festive period.

It’s a Wonderful Life

It’s time to watch this 1946 classic emotional rollercoaster that is “It’s a Wonderful Life”. A beautiful story about an angel sent down from Heaven to help a down on his luck businessman by showing him what life would have been like if he didn’t exist. You’ve probably seen it spoofed and parodied time and time again and I think that shows how significant this piece of art is. I guarantee you’ll be welling up during this viewing and it’s as effective and meaningful today as it was back in the 40’s.

Honestly if you have never seen it – Please make it a must this Christmas time.




Image result for elf poster


To be honest I am not sure I need to even give the rundown of what happens in this film – but for you small few who have never seen it; After being raised by Elves in the North Pole, a man heads to New York to find his real family and adjust to human life.

When you put it like that it sounds a bit odd – but Will Ferrell excels as Buddy the Elf – a hyperactive over the top man boy raised by elves. It’s genius. Throw in a splash of Zooey Deschanel, James Caan, a bag of quotable lines and an epic snowball fight into the mix and you have one happy fun-filled family must see. (Wow what a saying)



The Night Before

This entry is a relatively new film but has automatically hit the top 5 list for me. It follows three lifelong friends as they spend Christmas eve in New York City looking for the lifelong dream of “The Nutcracker Ball” an epic, drink and drug fuelled party.

It’s stuffed full of jokes, gags and references to other Christmas films that you won’t stop laughing for the entire thing. While also hitting home with an underlying message of family, closure and love. I think it’s floating around Netflix, check it out – keep an eye out for a cheeky Christmas Cameo from a pop sensation (it just works nicely).




Christmas with the Coopers

Like the number 3 this is relatively new to the world of Christmas movies but nonetheless I think it captures the magic of the season beautifully. It’s a set of intertwined stories revolving around a family as they build up to Christmas Eve. It’s just a feel good enjoyable watch, with a star-studded cast including; John Goodman, Ed Helms, Olivia Wilde and the beautiful Marisa Tomei.

Critically I am not sure it did very well. But it means a lot to me – I took my GF to see it when we first started dating and it’s just an ideal little movie. You might see it floating around Amazon Prime and if so, click it, pop your feet up and enjoy this gem.


Die Hard

Now time for the crown jewel, the cream of the crop, the BEST Christmas Film of all times (as voted by Empire Online – 22nd Dec 2016), That is a Fact!

So lets break it down (as if you don’t know) Die Hard is about a cop from New York who tries to save his wife and other party guests from a German terrorist during a works Christmas Party in Los Angeles.

HOW MUCH MORE CHRISTMAS DO YOU NEED TO GET – I can’t express how much I love this movie and even with its problems (Green Vest) it’s still a brilliant must watch festive film.





So there’s my Top Five Festive Films. (And that was hard to break it down to just 5 as there are some greats out there). Check them out, or re watch them – enjoy the holidays and let me know what you like to watch, what is a must see and what makes you feel all warm and magical inside.

Honourable mentions also have to go to: Home Alone 1 & 2, The Snowman, The Grinch, The Santa Claus, Scrooge, Office Christmas Party and Love Actually.

Merry Blogmas Y’all


12 thoughts on “Blogmas Day 3 – Festive Films

  1. Die Hard – YES! Whenever I say it’s in my top 10 Christmas movies, everyone’s like ‘how is it a Christmas movie’ – umm.. Its set at Christmas!? Haha. I also adore Elf so that would definitely make my list too. And I always tend to watch the Harry Potter’s around Christmas time, but then, I watch them non-stop throughout the year so maybe that doesn’t count. Gremlins though, and definitely home alone.

    Emma |

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  2. I rarely see It’s a Wonderful Life on anybody else’s list, so heartwarming! Although I’m still yet to see A Christmas Story 😉 But my all-time favorite would have to be Christmas Vacation. Happy holidays!

    Rachel ||


  3. It’s always a debate in my house on whether Die Hard is or is not a Christmas movie! I fall into the “maybe not” camp, but my husband totally disagrees! I’ve seen all of your picks except for Christmas with the Coopers — I’ll have to check that one out! My favorites are oldies – Holiday Inn, White Christmas, Christmas in Connecticut — oh, and Christmas with the Kranks!

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    • Die Hard is 100% a Christmas Film! I am with your Hubby on this one. oooh never heard of Christmas in Connecticut – I will check that out, you go check out Christmas with the Coopers 😀


  4. Muppets Christmas Carol is my top Christmas film hands down and has been since I was a kid. I’m an 80s baby so I grew up with the Muppets and was 7 when it was released, so this is probably one of my earliest memories of a Christmas film. I also love Die Hard, Gremlins and Love Actually, but otherwise I don’t really have a huge list of Christmas films. I’m really behind in watching a lot of them as I’ve never evening seen most of the ones on your list. I am in the lone majority when it comes to Home Alone; I cannot stand it.

    Ah, so I see now where the Die Hard poll has spawned from! As I said on twitter I’m a ‘it is’ vote as it was set at Christmas. I tend to view Christmas films as set at Christmas or about Christmas.

    By the way did you know that your blog theme changes when you go to make a comment?

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