Read Dead Redemption 2 – The Review

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Saddle up guys and gals, we got ourselves a game review. Yeehawww.

Ok, enough of the cowboy talk, I can’t keep it up for the whole thing.


Today I’d like to talk about Red Dead Redemption 2. One of the most anticipated games of the decade. A prequel to the 2010 classic. We were told we can expect a bigger world, more dynamic game play and stunning graphics that will make RDR2 a flagship for gamers everywhere. Well let’s be honest – it was all that and more.

The game is set at the turn of the century in 1899 – some 12 years before the first game, taking on the character of Arthur Morgan, an old dog in a newly emerging world – the age of the Gunslinger is ending and the modern world is taking over. The game is set across several vast fictional states in the old west, from dusty old town’s to a more modern up and coming cities. RDR2 takes you from the snowy mountains, across lush green countryside, through the swamps of the south and into the sand soaked deserts of Cowboys. You play along the story, focusing on protecting your camp, avoiding the law and ultimately striving to surviving the harsh world of the wild west.


Introducing several new dynamics to the game, as well as some refined old ones. You have to treat playing this game, as if you were in Arthur’s boots. You need to eat, either by preparing your own, buying from shops or stopping at saloons for a bite to eat. The same thing applies with grooming, your hair naturally grows as time passes. Which gives you options to rock the scruffy look as you try to grow an impressive beard or take a moment to have a shave and brush up on your appearance. Little things like this really add up to the whole experience. There is something satisfying about heading into town, buying a new suit, maybe a new hat. Having a trim, buying some stock from the shop, a new pistol and then heading off to the saloon for a drink and some food. I guess some could argue it’s such a real set of activities that it could replace real life which I would say helps make the game more relatable and playable. If it was the same single combination of tasks you’d get bored. Because it’s so vast the options are somewhat endless.


Graphically the game is beautiful, like I am talking HD photo style, I could be there it’s that immersive kind of beautiful – it’s stunning. The way the weather rolls in over the mountains, or the sun burns down over the lakes it makes so much of the game. Which also adds another layer in which clothing is important. Like in reality wearing a heavy fur coat is great in the snow, but in the blistering heat it’s not a good idea and these scenarios effect Arthur, challenging his health cores if it gets too hot, wet or cold. You have to dress appropriately.

Gameplay has upped the controls and introduced some really smart features, one that took twitter by storm is fishing. Now I have never cared for fishing at all. But something about adding it as a feature in this game made me want to try it (in the game that is) and truth be told it’s kind of relaxing, but I think partly that is because of the graphics again. Dead Eye is back and is improved by having your character smoke to replenish the ability. Some people might think this is a bad touch. But I am one of those that even against my better judgement thinks smoking is cool. Especially as a Cowboy ready to duel in the middle of town.


Overall I am in love with this game. I can get lost in it, spending hours and hours doing so much, but then not moving the story on at all. I played for like 7 hours the other day and did two-story missions, the rest I was caught up in hunting, challenges and just loving life. Can I recommend this game? Yes! Hands down, 10/10, can’t get enough. Like honestly such a good game. My friend at work has finished it and has said I am so far from the end I don’t have to worry about the end just yet. Which shows how much time you can get out of this one game.

Let me know what you think to it if you have played it, or let me know if this has helped convinced you to buy it. Good luck out there guys, it’s a rough old world.




12 thoughts on “Read Dead Redemption 2 – The Review

  1. A very nice review, there, dude! I’ve yet to play RDR2 because I spent my “modern game budget” on pre-ordering Resident Evil 2, but the game looks phenomenal.

    I like how detailed and in-depth you went with the review. Nice one!

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  2. I still haven’t played RDR2 yet, but my housemate has said similar to you – that he loves how detailed the game is. Apparently he spends like an hour just sat fishing, and he’s obsessed with his dog. I guess if you live a city life with a 9-5 then escaping to a simple country-type life in 1899 is as good a way as any to spend your free time. He also likes shooting things as well, but everyone likes that about games.

    Emma |

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  3. I’m a huge gaming nerd but RDR is one I have yet to play. I love your review especially how in depth you’ve gone. I shall be picking up this game in the near future!

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  4. Great post! I love how detailed you are in your review. I think it’s cool the players can do things like shave. That would make a game more enjoyable. I hear a lot about this game online. The graphics look amazing.
    Really good post. I love your work. Very complete review.

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  5. My boyfriend is obsessed with this game & watching him play it makes me want to play it, & I’m not a gamer at all! Your review hits many nails on the head to why even I want to pick up the controller & ride a horse through the beautiful lands of the game. I wouldn’t be killing any wolves though – I shout at my boyfriend when he does.

    Lucy-May |


  6. My hubby is playing Red Dead right now and he LOVES it! I haven’t played it myself, but I actually enjoy watching him play this game. The narrative and the scenery are so interesting. It reminds me a lot of Westworld. 🙂



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