Five things you might not know about me…

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After being tagged in this by Helen over on “Social Matters and Natters” I spent the longest time wracking my brains wondering what on earth I could share with you, the stuff you might not know. The problem is I am such an open book that I am not sure what you already know and what you don’t.

So while I work that list out, why don’t you go and check Helen’s blog out, she covers a selection of topics, from Marketing and Brands, to life, to the joys of snail mail. Well worth a follow.


Image result for nick miller aging gifI have always felt like I have an old personality in a young body. I am not sure if it’s my morals and outlooks that seems outdated and old now days. Or it’s based on the old movies I used to watch. But I just feel there is a right and wrong way about things and in modern times they could seem very old.




Image result for my biggest fear gifGoing Blind is one of my biggest fears, I am such a visual person, my love of movies, photography and a nice sunset. When I first needed glasses I was struck with a horrific headache and sore eyes that I realised my worst fear is going blind. (Even gaining Daredevil Powers wouldn’t help compensate)



Image result for hot fuzz red or white gifWhen I am older I would love to own and run a country pub or B&B. I think it’s a real end game job. Somewhere down south, probably Cornwall area – beautiful part of the country down there.




Image result for eurotrip gifDuring my young teen years I was involved in a Cultural Exchange project with a group of Hungarians. I learnt a lot about myself on those trips, met some friends for life and did some unbelievable things. Travelling around the rural countryside of North Hungry also had it’s scary moments.



Image result for fist with your toes gifI don’t like wearing socks and shoes, any opportunity I get I’ll take them off. I much prefer to be barefoot. There is something free and liberating about it. While also feeling like John McClane if I do it in the office.




Well there we go, that is my list. Did you know any of them things? This post was tough, a really struggled to find interesting but unknown facts about me. I hope you liked it.

I want to see Emma, Matt and Siobhan give this a go. Come on down people. Give everyone mentioned in this a follow, they are all amazing and wonderful people.




41 thoughts on “Five things you might not know about me…

  1. This blog sadly seems to spend longer soothing the ego of the writer talking about himself than anything else….can we focus on more interesting content, please?


  2. Really enjoyed this post. I don’t have the best eyesight ever so to lose it would be even worse. Like you said the photography, films and sunsets, etc. is what I also love and I couldn’t bare to have that taken away.
    Hopefully soon you’ll run your own country pub or B&B – sounds like a great job, especially in England!

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    • Thank you, yeah if I lost that I would literally be so lost with what to do. Aww thanks, it’s more of a game plan in 20 / 30 years, but who knows. 😀


  3. This was an interesting read. I too would be devastated to lose my eyesight. I’ve had to wear glasses since I was 8 so it’s always sort of on my mind haha and I HATE wearing stuff on my feet too! As soon as I get home it’s off with the shoes!

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  4. Great post! I too feel the same way about my eyesight. My biggest fear would be losing my memory and forgetting all the memories Ive created with family.

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  5. This is great – thanks for the tag Ross. Going to have to wrack my brain now. I really love that you want to own a little B&B when you’re older by the way. I’ve always liked the idea of buying a farm myself, or lots of land anyway, and then adopting a load of dogs from a shelter and just letting them run around and play with them and stuff. Think I might need to win the lottery for that one though..

    Emma |

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  6. Genuinely giggled at the shoes and socks off in the office 😂 I take my shoes off at work quite often but that carpet is far too grim for socks off too! Great post!

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  7. Hello! Nice to meet you, Ross. First time on your blog. Owning a pub somewhere in the English countryside, yes that would be the end game.
    Fear of losing sight is something I am familiar with. I have really high power, it’s genetic. But I am used to it now. It was such a scare when I got classes in school 😮


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  8. I totally agree about the eyesight. We take it for granted but, now that I can’t focus on a screen without it, I have this fear too. As for the pub and B&B it’s a nice dream!

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  9. Thanks for sharing! :)) I’m the same as you with being afraid of going blind (and going deaf). I’m a visual person just like you, and I love listening to music. I’m excited to check out your blog more. 🙂

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