30 Before 30 – Mk2.

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At the start of last year I did a post about my “30 Before 30” list. Which can be found just Here‘ – but recently we’ve been talking about these lists at work. My friend has just turned 25 and is set on doing on. So he is in the midst of making his list. Which made me look at mine and kick-start my lazy bum into finishing it.

You might notice that a few of them have changed since last year, that is allowed.

Turns out I have 17 left to do and 22 months to do it – which is nearly one a month. Scary right!

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I need your help. Below is my list – I need to plan the fluff out of it to hit targets. I love a challenge and I am not prepared to fail right now. So this is what I am aiming for.

Learn a Language – Currently using Duolingo to learn Swedish
Visit Auschwitz – I believe there are talks of visiting this next year.
Cycle London to Brighton for Stroke Association – Worried about how realistic this one will be
Get out of Debt – Tough as I am so bad with money. But confident I can find a way.
Vegas for my 30th – This one won’t help the above one. But I will be ending this list in Vegas in 22 months time.
Write a Children’s book – Something I constantly go back to, but can’t workout the best idea or plan for it just yet.
Start my own business – Hey if this blog takes off maybe I could claim this as that.
See the northern lights – Always wanted to, but the risky thing is, they are never a guarantee to see, even in the Arctic Circle
Write a film script – Similar to the children’s book, I have several started projects floating about, but I fall out of love with them.
Learn to dance (Salsa or Ballroom) – Gotta impress on my Wedding day right?
Learn an instrument – Uke – Sitting in my spare room collecting dust. I might tweak this to “Learn A song” to give myself the edge.
Re-Visit New York – Tempted to treat the GF and link this to the next one for this year.
Spend New Year’s Eve in a different country. – I have to do this this year as there is no other New Years Eve before I am 30.
New Job – One day!
Get a Dog – So close, by this time next year I am sure we will have one.
Sex in a tent – Who even likes camping?!
Take up Golf – Clubs are in the garage. Time to hit the range.

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25 thoughts on “30 Before 30 – Mk2.

  1. Ahhhh omg!! Such a great list and tbh I’m pretty sure I want to do some of these things toooo! Lmao I’ve already slept in a tent but it was pretty PG 😂😂 and I’m currently using Duolingo too to practice my French. And I def plan on seeing the northern lights, on my bucket list for sure. Great post Ross!

    xx Lena | https://lenadeexo.com


    • Haha thanks. Me and the GF went camping a few years back for a few nights. Turns out it was a PG night. Camping is exhausting. I’m loving Duolingo. Gonna stick with Swedish. I found out I’m going to Italy in a few months. Did one quick class and found out Italian is a very hard language. Thanks lovely. Means a lot x


  2. Okay this is a great post for me to read right now! I also have a list of things to do before 30 and we have a few in common! xD
    learning a language (spanish, turkish, or french),
    getting a dog (the only one checked off the list),
    learning violin (and it is also collecting dust here..),
    write a novel (I wrote a first draft of it in 2015)
    and spending my 30th bday in, not Vegas, but Hawaii (not the slightest idea how I’ll ever manage to do that! But one can dream. Lol)

    I think I may do just like you and start taking it seriously! I’m 26, so I still have enought time, well for most of them anyway, there are some crazy other stuff on that list, but will see..

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    • I’d love to read your whole list. Unlike me you have a bit more time. I think we can both achieve them – it’s just about knuckling down and doing them isnt it. Hawaii would be amazing too.

      Keep me updated on your progress, I love sharing these lists and support with people


  3. Great post! Have you heard of MasterClass.com It has a bunch of famous people teaching about their profession. I think there is a class for writing a script and a couple on writing books including one by Judy Blume. I’ve so far finished the Christina Aguleras voice lessons strictly to not make people cringe as much when I sing karaoke. LOL

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  4. The thought of setting and doing 30 things before 30 just gets me jittery! Great things lined up – will you be updating it as and when the boxes are ticked?
    In terms of writing a children’s book… it does say ‘Write a children’s book’ and not ‘complete a children’s book’ so I guess you could get away with that one! 😉

    J x


    • Thank you for your kind words.
      That is true. There are a few sneaky ways round a couple. But I’m trying to avoid them.

      Yes. There will be updates along the line. Keep your eyes peeled. 😀


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