Getting to Know ME!

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This post comes to you sponsored by Saint Nicks Pizza Place. Those Pizza’s are deep and crisp and even!

And also with thanks from Michael over on Prudent Gaming. Thank’s for the tag fella – if you want to check his post out you can find it . . . .HERE – he is a genuinely nice down to earth supportive guy so make sure you go follow him.

What is your middle name?

Coincidentally my middle name is Michael.

When was the last time you cried?

Last Sunday. I watched It’s a Wonderful Life and it gets me every time.

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What’s your favourite pizza?

I love ALL pizza! But a go to favourite is Pepperoni. But then give me an Asda Fresh based pizza with; Pepperoni, Spicy Chicken, Ham, Steak and Mozzarella any day

What’s your favourite flower?

Poinsettia – Very festive and they remind me of my Nan.

What’s your favourite season?

It constantly changes for me, but currently it is Autumn. Still warm enough for a T-Shirt, but cool enough that you don’t roast.

Do you like to camp?

It’s ok, only ever done it a handful of times. The novelty is fun but I couldn’t do it for like a week.

Do you untie your shoes when taking them off?

I can be somewhat lazy at times. I do try to, but sometimes I can’t be asked.

Do you like rollercoasters?

I do, but I can’t do the wild ones like I used to. I have to stay clear of the Waltzers at the fair these days. Signs of getting old.

What is your favourite ice cream?

Haagen Dazs Strawberry Cheesecake – that is heaven in a pot and I think they are on offer in Tesco at the moment. . . hmm give me a second. Be Right Back!

What is your favourite thing to do?

Watch Films! Big old Film Fan over here. Or play Playstation.


Shorts or jeans?

Jeans, my legs are stupidly white and never tan. No body wants to see that.

Country or rock?

Rock all day long. But country sneaks in here and there. I like them both but prefer Rock.

What’s your favourite colour?

Red. I think, again this changes a lot. It used to be Blue. Then Green. Who knows.

Do you have any tattoos?

I have 6. A shamrock on my left forearm. A lake and mountain scene on my right top arm, a vase with flowers on the flip side. A compass on my chest with a pocket watch and then a symbol from the film “Brick” that says “Midnight”.

With all the intention to get more.


Do you colour your hair?

Not anymore, I used to but now days the hair is thin it just wouldn’t work. But does beard dye count . . . cause I don’t do that either *Wink Wink*

What colour are your eyes?

You tell me, come have a look. They are a blue / green. But my right eye has a patch of Red / Brown in it which is a mutation called Heterochromia. So I am like an X-Men or David Bowie.

What is your favourite thing to eat?

P.P.P.PIZZA! Or Fajitas. But probably Pizza – I sure do like that Pizza life.

What is your favourite holiday?

Christmas! Hand down the most wonderful time of year!

Beer or wine?

I enjoy a small glass of both. . . . at the same time.

Night owl or morning person?

I prefer to get up early and get on. But I don’t like waking up. Catch 22 right.

What is your favourite day of the week?

Friday. The working week is over and it’s time to unwind.

Do you have a nickname?

I used to be called Sulley at Secondary School – because like Monsters Inc I a big cuddly furball. Now days I get Rossington every so often, so much so that I try to convince people that is my full name.

Thank you for the tag, I love doing these posts – what a way to get to know each other & now it’s time to tag a few of you lovely people in this. So we can get to know you to.
I tag:
Siobhan – Siobhan Eardley



Black Leopard Products Review

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At the start of October excitement hit my inbox. What’s this? An invite to a PR event in Soho, London. I have made it guys, this is it – the big leagues . . . until . . oh, I can’t make the date, because as you know I have been super busy of late – buying a house!

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Luckily the lovely Natalia from Fuel PR was understanding and appreciated me having to turn her down, so much so that she sent me the products and range that would be launching at the event. Excitement is back. What a surprise.

This post is the true story about those products and my honest reactions to them.


Black Leopard Skincare – Who Are They?

From their website blurbs, pages and FAQ’s you can tell they are just a bunch of down to earth blokes from down under who just want to give men an awesome skin care product. Their website is scattered with cool quips and quotes for men. “Holding doors open and hanging up the bath mat. You’re already doing real good. Keep it up.” is my favourite.

They pride themselves on their use of naturally derived ingredients that are active and also won’t harm your skin – which is always a plus, no one wants to cake harmful chemicals on their skin let’s be honest. And what a combo they have made because, and no doubt I will say it again later – all the products smell amazing!

The Products.

In my pack I received the following:

  • Moisturiser
  • Eye Cream
  • 2 in 1 Shave Gel
  • Face Scrub
  • Hair Styling Cream
  • Antiperspirant Roll On

 The Review.

Firstly they all came in lovely matte black boxes, then when removed they are all in a range of sleek black bottles, giving the look of a cool stylish product which would take pride on the bathroom shelf.

Secondly the products smell AMAZING! (I said it again) I mean I know guys like to be seen as MEN – Grrr. But I am not afraid to admit these products feel and smell amazing. After using all of the products I love them. I’ve noticed a change instantly, the eye cream and moisturiser are a great combo, even though there are times I forgot to use them (I’m still not in a real routine of using products, but that is changing) but when I do I love it.

Overall the entire line is great, the only product I was unsure of was the Hair Styling Cream, but that is because I don’t like change – I know the product I use and I have used it for years. But that didn’t stop me from trying this one out and on occasion I can see myself using it. The product itself works, it’s just down to a personal preference isn’t it. But other than that little bit I can’t get enough of the whole line of products and hopefully they will be able to help this old mug look and feel better.

Keep an eye out for their range and treat the man in your life with these beauties.

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Happy November.

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This is it guys, Halloween is over – time to pack the pumpkins back in the box, hang up your fangs and pop those sexy cat ears back in the draw for next year.

But don’t be sad – this is a good thing. Because now we are in NOVEMBER! And this means, Fireworks, Bonfires, Remembrance Day, GF’s Birthday, Christmas Markets and the countdown to Christmas itself!

I love this time of the year and I think this is also a great chance to start the season of with some festive loving and blog sharing.

I’ve hand selected three bloggers that I want to share with you all (it was hard to pick as if I could I would share and write about all my followers, as they are amazing people) but for this moment here are three that I strongly suggest you check out, follow and make friends with.



Nicole – My Superhero Cousin with the Irish Blood. – What an absolute gem, kooky, crazy, funny and sweet. Sometimes she needs a wee boost of pick me up. But we all do every so often. Nicole is real, her photography on Insta are amazing and just all round swell gal. Go check her out and say hey. Twitter, Blog, Instagram.



Abbie 🐢🌱


Abbie – If I were King Arthur she’d be my Holy Grail, amazing, captivating but out of reach. Geographically we are miles apart. But that doesn’t stop me from loving everything about her – nailing Blogtober like a boss, rocking a new quirky hair style or sipping gin. The list goes on. She is incredibly supportive and well worth a good follow. Twitter. Blog. Instagram.




Matt – My man! The lad. I don’t know about you dude, but I bet we’d be great drinking buddies in another life. If it’s not takeaways, his dogs or suits he is posting some stunning photography and my god I mean it’s something amazing. Well worth a follow if you ask me. Twitter. Blog. Instagram.




Also for any of my Insta / Twitter fans you will see I dressed up as POTUS Donald Trump. Which was awesome, so much fun and as we know I love dressing up. Didn’t I mention it [Yes, Here] – anyway here is me and then here is the results of the voting from the office competition.





Let me know what you love to do in November, I might try to take on some new traditions. Answers on a postcard please.