My Marvel Top Five.

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After some amazing and lovely feedback from the first part of this post, here I am . . . yes you guessed it – with the second part.

This was meant to be included in the guide but that post just ran away with me and got a bit too long to include a Top Five in it, but that is good because now I have a bit more space to go in-depth. Also remember I am only picking from the MCU. So lets jump straight to the point shall we.

Here is my list, in no order.

My Marvel Top Five!

  1. The Avengers  The first outing who the whole team. This gathered Earth’s Mightiest Heroes in one super-sized cinema screen which was something that had never really been done before. . . And my god I loved every single minute of it – I still do in fairness, it holds up nicely and has everything you could ever ask for. Favourite Scene: The Battle of New York, the way the camera pans around the streets and joins all the heroes up in one amazing action shot.

  2. Captain America: Civil War – Again another outing for the group and a bigger selection of character. I like this more and more nowadays, we’ve seen these characters and we know they live in the same world. So it makes sense we see them pop up in each others movies and this does exactly that. With the introduction of Spider-Man and Black Panther this just showed another level to the MCU and their ability to maintain so many big names and character in one scene. Favourite Scene: The Airport Scene – Watching everyone go against each other, even if they are friends – Clint and Natasha exchanging banter between blows. While Spider-Man brings a youth and excitement to the fight which is refreshing and comical.

  3. Guardians of the Galaxy – The Avengers in Space . . . with a talking tree. Not knowing much about the Guardians when it first came around I was intrigued about the idea of the ragtag group of space cowboys and douchebags. And let’s be honest the film did not disappoint – with an amazing cast, brilliant action scenes and phenomenal soundtrack, Guardians took the world by storm and became a hit. Favourite Scene: The Kiln Prison Escape Scene. The comedy mixed with the action works amazingly, using this scene to demonstrate each characters traits and styles. Related image

  4. Thor: Ragnarok – Now when people say the third in the trilogy is always the worst we can all response with this film. I am probably going to be bold enough to say this is the BEST Thor film out there. Expanding the world even more and somewhat grounding Thor as he meets not just Gods, but Dictators, Slaves and waste landers. The style of this film comes out swinging with a comical element that doesn’t grow old and the story plays a big part in the MCU, with several nods to the bigger picture of Thanos and the Infinity War. Favourite Scene: Has to be Thor fighting the Hulk. 

  5. Captain America: Winter Solider – The reason this gem has hit the list is because of the genre and style of the film. I am a big Spy / Espionage film fan and this one delves straight into the genre. Watching Captain America adjust to the modern world and deal with a whole new way of life is really interesting to watch as well. Also this film links really nicely to the TV show – Agents of SHIELD, you can see how they are effected by this movie. Favourite Scene: The Elevator Fight Scene, it might be short and sweet but it’s tense and slightly comical how many people keep getting in compared to the amount that walk (or burst) out.


I just love the MCU films as a form of escapism and geek rolled into one. They have worked the formula out and continue to nail it. If you are anything like me, you will be counting day the days till you see Infinity Wars (5 days to go) and trying to remain the calm and collective individual that you are while on the inside screaming in sheer fan girl style. I would love to know your Top Five films so drop me a comment or a line on twitter and let me know.

Right now go and enjoy the weekend. I have taught you all I can in the time we have left. I wish you luck, it’s been a pleasure as always.

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Redecorations & Sexy Smart Canvas Art

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Over the past week me and GF have found out our lodger is moving out which means its time to redecorate the spare room. A fresh lick of paint, a new lampshade – heck maybe even some new curtains. Yes this is where life is at right now.

Adulthood at its finest.

So ideas came flooding in. Some were accepted and some were thrown straight in the bin (mostly my ideas were binned) but I stood strong and finally won one.

It’s the little victories in a relationship that you have to cherish.

This came at a good time because I had been approached to do a collab with Photowall. A Sweden canvas and artwork company. The lovely Jenn got in touch and struck up a deal. She proposed she’d send me a print if I review and promote it.

I was honoured. Little old me being asked to do this. It’s the start of a beautiful friendship.

So with the new room decorations in mind, me and the GF picked a print that would suit and look smart. I put my order in and within days a package was at my door.

Inside was the print rolled up and nicely protected. A bag of screws, a wall hook and some corner braces. Along with a single page of instructions on how to assemble the canvas – it was so easy, I put the canvas together in about 20 minutes.

They have several options for prints. Framed. Non framed and self build. It was honestly the easiest thing ever. The wood has double-sided tape on already – all you have to do it peel and place. Once all the frame lengths are down you fold them over and bolt them together. No tools were needed it’s that simple.

Just like that it was built and ready to be hung on the wall. I can not fault Photowall for the superb service and amazing quality of print they sent out. They also have a really smart Casablanca canvas that I might have to order next.

Not All Who Wander

Now we just need to wait for the decoration to be done to hang this canvas. But I would buy from Photowall again. The selection they offer, the service and quality are all top-notch.

If you fancy one of their amazing canvases – take this discount code for 20% off and get yourself one today.


This code is live until 10th March. If you use it let me know what print you picked. Just cause I’m nosey and curious as there is so many good ones to pick from.

Once again – Thank you Photowall – you guys are awesome and as always thanks to you my beautiful readers who make things like this possible.