April Round-Up

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I’m a touch late with this post. Usually, I’m fully ahead of the game and ready to drop these round-ups at the end of the month. But last month really ran away with me and now I am frantically tapping out a post to share my life with you.

Lots happened in April.




We had a much deserved Bank Holiday weekend and my god the weather was amazing. Four days out in the sun, loving life and enjoying the moment – forgetting work and the troubles of the world, just sipping on shandies and painting the fence. We spent two days doing the garden, putting lights up, planting seeds, moving bushes and painting EVERYTHING, only stopping to top up the ice cold shandy and have another Hot Cross Bun. Then on Easter Sunday, we went to Cromer in Norfolk to see the GF’s family who were there for the long weekend in the caravan. This was really nice, an excuse to crack the shorts and sunglasses. It was an amazing weekend that I just didn’t want to end. Life felt so good.

Edmond de BergeracBlog-wise I’ve been up to lots of fun things, I got a chance to go to the Royal and Derngate Theatre to review another play – this time it was Edmond de Bergerac, which can be found HERE. It was a real surprise and such a good show – I absolutely love going to the theatre to review these plays, I feel so cultured with my glass of wine and a pot of olives for the GF.

This month also saw my first paid opportunity blog post as I was asked to promote Panasonic’s new line of shavers and razors – that post can be found HERE. This was a big stepping stone for me and I was so overwhelmed and happy when that came in and I can’t wait to build on this.

I also smashed all my goals for interactions and likes across social media. Hitting targets on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

There was also A LOT of wedding themed antics this month (not for me), I am a groomsman for my best friend in July so we had a suit fitting up in Nottingham followed by a few beers.

Then for another friend who is getting married in June, we threw a second Stag Do for him because a bunch of us from work couldn’t make it to his real one. This was a fun day of activities, drinking and laughing. We went to a place called Top Jump in Milton Keynes – a huge inflatable assault course that broke all of us in some way. Then a World Buffet Lunch, Mini Golf, Beers and Casino. Everyone was a bit busted up the next day for one reason or another but overall it was an awesome weekend.

Avengers Assemble!

Film-wise this month was obviously a big one for one reason which we will get to in a moment. Firstly let me mention Pet Sematary. The remake we didn’t ask for and didn’t need. I was not a fan at all and felt it was such a letdown. Then there was Hellboy which I reviewed HERE. This was a bit of fun, nothing serious, nothing special – just pure escapism which is needed at times.

Then there was the big boy – Avengers Endgame. We went to the Cineworld Double Bill – where we watched Infinity War and Endgame back to back which had a buzz and an electric atmosphere all night long. Now if you are in the slim minority that hasn’t seen it yet I urge you to go. My non-spoiler review should egg you on. It’s a masterpiece of huge epic proportion, 11 years in the making and it paid off so so well. I can’t wait to go watch it again.



The final big piece of news that you must have seen floating about.


This is huge, I have wanted a dog for the longest time and I am so happy I’ve finally got one. He is still settling in and getting used to his new life but hopefully, he’ll feel right at home soon. I love the support and love you’ve all shown for him. He’s a cheeky little podge of a dog that means well, it’s clear he had neglect and lack of authority in his old house but he’s such a quick learner and I am sure in time he will truly be man’s best friend. Please welcome Buddy!



Personality Test – Who Am I?

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analysts_ENTJ_francis_j_underwood_house_of_cardsPicture the scene, the office environment – the sound of buzzing keys bouncing off the keyboard, chatter in every corner and the drone of the phone ringing throughout the halls.

In true water cooler chit-chat style I got chatting to my friend in the other department and he began to tell me about a “Personality Test” his brother had showed him. He went on to explain it’s an American thing that some companies in States hold in high regards and can be picky enough to turn down your application if you are not the character traits they are looking for.


So I took the test, curious to know what my personality would kick out . . . I am a “Commander” – which goes on to explain how Commanders are Natural-Born leaders who embody the gifts of charisma and confidence, while also being able to project authority in such a way that draws a crowd and unites people with a common goal. This people are making up three percent of the population, so I’ve somehow managed to land in a rare and somewhat supreme spot.

This results page goes into so much depth and details that I could be here for ages to note it all down and go into it all. But I am going to highlight the first page which is Strengths and Weaknesses.

My Strengths and Positives are; Efficient, Energetic, Self-Confident, Strong-Willed, Strategic Thinker, Charismatic and Inspiring.

While my weaknesses are supposedly as followed: Stubborn and Dominant, Intolerant, Impatient, Arrogant, Poor Handling of Emotions, Cold and Ruthless.

Which upon looking at this I can or could somehow understand how each of these traits are something I have, do or don’t do. For example straight of the bat I would agree that I am Self-Confident, but I can also see my weakness of Impatient – I hate having to wait and will actively avoid doing something if I can see my time is going to be wasted when I know it usually shouldn’t take that long.

I don’t agree with being titled as Intolerant, I would say personally I am supportive and open to other people’s ideas, thoughts and notions. The same can be said about Poor Handling of Emotions, I would like to think my emotions are in check and that I can handle, hold and display my emotions as and when needed.

If you want to take the test and see your results this is the link: https://www.16personalities.com/free-personality-test

I would love to know what you are deemed as, also the site also gives you examples of people you are like. As a Commander I was liked to; Steve Jobs, Harrison Ford, Margret Thatcher, River Tam from Firefly and the Controversial Francis J. Underwood from the phenomenal House of Cards (lets not get into the actor who plays him)

This could be seen as a way of understanding oneself, from this I can take away the points that this very detailed result page has given me and work on areas I see as flaws. Or on the other hand it could be taken as another silly internet quiz that looks fancy enough to be believed while being accompanied by some rather cool nifty artwork.

Regardless of which you believe I find this stuff rather interesting and being able to relate to the answers I believe the results more. This could be the start of a brand new relationship with myself. The beginning of something special.